Once you are logged into your admin account, Navigate to WooCommerce/Check Voucher Code. Enter the Voucher Code that appears on the printed voucher. Then click Check It.

The following information will be displayed if the voucher code is valid. Note: If you have simply scanned the QR code, this information will appear if the voucher code is valid without the above-mentioned steps.

Redeem Information – Redeem information is the history of the voucher. If the voucher has been used before, you can see here how much the has been spent so far.

Product Information – This information should relate to your business.

Buyer’s Information – This is the Name, Email, Billing Address, and Phone Number of your customer.

Order Information – This will show when the voucher was purchased and how much was spent by your customer.

Redeem Options – This is where you will have the option to either Fully or Partially redeem a voucher. All redemption history will appear under Redeem Information the next time this voucher is scanned.

If you want to Redeem a partial amount, under the Redeem Method Choose Partial, when Redeem Amount appears enter the amount you want to redeem. Then Choose Redeem.